Minimum wage in EU countries

After massive minimum wage increases in many Member States in 2023/01/01, the first part of the year is more stable as only Finland, France, Greece and Luxembourg have changed their rates recently. Below you can check the latest minimum hourly wage rates per each of EU Member state as of 2023/06/16.

According to the new provisions of the Mobility Package, the transport company for the posted driver’s working time in the host Member State should pay according to that country national employment terms and conditions which can be laid down by

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Below you can find a table of the latest minimum hourly wage rates per each of the EU Member State that could be used as a basis to calculate the main part of the posted driver’s remuneration*.

The latest minimum wages in EU countries

Last update 2023/06/16*Applicable fromFull work weekMinimum monthly wageMinimum hourly wageBased on
Austria2023.01.0140 hours 10.77 EURCollective Agreement
Belgium2023.01.0138 hours 13.4950 EURCollective Agreement
Bulgaria2023.01.0140 hours780 BGN4.72 BGNMinimum wage
Croatia2023.01.0140 hours5 274.15 HRK  Minimum wage
Cyprus2023.01.0140 hours940 EUR Minimum wage
Czechia2023.01.0140 hours CZK 103.80Minimum wage
Denmark2022.03.0137 hours 23.36 EURCollective Agreement
Estonia2023.01.0140 hours725 EUR4.30 EURMinimum wage
Finland2023.03.0640 hours 16.26 EURCollective Agreement
France2023.05.0135 hours 11.52 EURCollective Agreement and SMIC
Germany2022.10.0140 hours 12.00 EURMinimum wage
Greece2023.04.0140 hours910 EUR  Minimum wage
Hungary2023.01.0140 hours296 400 HUF1704 HUFMinimum wage
Ireland2023.01.0148 hours 11.30 EURMinimum wage
Italy2022.10.0140 hours1 790.37 EUR Collective Agreement
Latvia2023.01.0140 hours620 EUR Minimum wage
Lithuania2023.01.0140 hours840 EUR5.14 EURMinimum wage
Luxembourg2023.04.0140 hours3 009.88 EUR Collective Agreement
Malta2023.01.0140 hours​​​192.73 EUR per week4.33 EURMinimum wage
Netherlands2023.01.0140 hours 13.1 EURCollective Agreement
Poland2023.01.0140 hours3 490 PLN  Minimum wage
Portugal2023.01.0140 hours760 EUR Minimum wage
Romania2023.01.0140 hours3 000 Lei Minimum wage
Slovakia2023.01.0140 hours700 EUR3.713 EURMinimum wage
Slovenia2023.01.0140 hours878 EUR Minimum wage
Spain2023.01.0140 hours15 120 EUR per year Minimum wage
Sweden2022.04.0140 hours 161.97 SEKCollective Agreement

* For the entry-level drivers driving trucks with more than 3,5 tonnes. There can be additional remuneration elements or conditions, check the links or contact us for more explanations.

In the section „ Minimum wage updates “, you will find an up-to-date information on remuneration rules per each country of EU and other important information regarding the remuneration of posted drivers. Follow us!

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