Interview with the Executive Director of ELA

European Labour Mobility Congress. 24 – 25 April. 2023 in Krakow. We have been there!

With a diverse range of speakers, each with their own areas of expertise, this event was an enriching platform to broaden the horizons, exchange knowledge and dive into the realm of best practices alongside a myriad of captivating speakers, each offering unique perspectives.

This event gave me the opportunity to introduce you to one of the remarkable individuals, the Executive Director of the European Labor Authority, Cosmin Boiangiu. During our insightful conversation, Mr. Boiangiu shed light on the commendable practices observed during joint inspections concerning road checks, revealing how the European Labor Authority (ELA) endeavours to support and benefit you.

Cosmin Boiangiu, as the Executive Director of the European Labor Authority, is a true visionary in the field. His leadership and vast knowledge have contributed significantly to enhancing best practices and driving positive change across Europe. From our conversation, it became evident that his dedication to fostering collaboration and promoting the dissemination of information and best practices has been instrumental in the success of joint road inspections.    

The European Labor Authority, led by Mr. Boiangiu, is committed to serving needs of workers. They work to promote cooperation among member states, ensuring consistent enforcement of new posting rules, promote adequate working conditions for drivers and workers, support the Member States to exchange and develop the easy understanding platform for easily accessible information.

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