New Dutch collective agreement wage rates applicable from 01.01.2024

New Dutch minimum wages rates starting 1st of January 2024

According to the Dutch Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, the Dutch Collective agreement for the transport of professional goods is also applicable for the remuneration of foreign transport companies’ drivers posted to the Netherlands. As a result, the minimum wage rates mentioned in the collective labour agreement apply to all foreign employers whose activities fall within the scope of the collective labour agreement.

Below you can find the gross minimum wage applicable from 1st of January 2024 to all posted drivers carrying out cabotage or cross-trade transport operations in the Netherlands. Salary groups applying to international drivers are groups C, D and E, where the figure attached refers to the n. of years of experience in the job:

GroupAmounts by (EUR)Hourly wage at (EUR)
Week4 weeksMonth100%130%150%
E1 632.662530.642750.81 15.8220.5723.73
E5740.132960.523218.09 18.524.0527.75

Class C consists of:

  • Confection driver, long-distance regular transport
  • Driver general cargo and parties, regional irregular transport
  • Dairy products driver, long-distance regular transport
  • Beverage transport driver, national irregular transport
  • Driver roll container transport, regional regular transport
  • Driver container transport, regional irregular transport (limited cross-border NL-BE)
  • Refrigerated and frozen transport driver, regional regular transport
  • Driver for paper transport, regional regular transport

Class D consists of:

  • Driver of refrigerated and frozen transport, national occasional transport
  • Driver/order, regional occasional transport
  • Driver container transport, international occasional transport
  • General cargo driver, consignments, bundles, international occasional transport
  • Driver (kitchen) furniture transport, national irregular transport
  • Ferry trailer transport driver, international occasional transport
  • Driver distribution of pallet goods, international irregular transport
  • Cheese/pallet goods driver, international occasional transport

Class E consists of:

  • Driver general cargo, consignments, machines, international occasional transport
  • Air freight truck driver, international occasional transport
  • Driver refrigerated/freezer transport, international occasional transport
  • Refrigerator/freezer transport driver, international occasional transport
  • Driver container transport, international occasional transport
  • Driver ADR tank container transport, international occasional transport
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