Increased fines for Hauliers in Denmark

Increased fines for Hauliers in Denmark

Following last year’s update of fines in Denmark regarding driving and rest time, the organization of the enterprise work, as well as the operation of the tachograph, we have observed increased control and higher fines in recent weeks.

The new amendments introduce some significant changes, including a new classification of infringements as serious, very serious, and most serious. For example, regulations concerning driving and rest time are now very strict. Also, violations related to the introduction of the country symbol when crossing the border have been upgraded to serious offenses. The latter were not considered serious violations until now, and hauliers got away with warnings only.

A new and updated provision has also been issued regarding driving and rest time, as well as the ban on taking the normal weekly rest on board the vehicle.

Following the pattern of offenses in the European Register of Transport Undertakings (ERRU), offenders are assigned a certain number of points.

Fines Classification of violations:
  • Minimum violations – 140 euros;
  • Average violations – 150-449 euros;
  • Serious violations – 450-1349 euros;
  • Very serious violations over 1,350 euros.
Calculation of administrative sanctions:

Administrative sanctions are calculated not only on the basis of the specific violation, but also on the basis of:

  • previous driver and undertaking checks;
  • other past violations;
  • the benefits received by the transport undertaking in relation to a given infringement;
  • duration of the infringement(s).
Calculation of points to be deducted:

The calculation of the points that should assigned to hauliers is based on a specially created formula, where each violation carries a certain number of points. The result thus collected corresponds to a certain financial sanction. In the case of serious and very serious violations, a direct fine is issued in the maximum amount.

Notably, fines for repeat violations are even higher, with increases ranging from 100 to 200 percent.

For example:

  • Violations under Art. 16, paragraph 2 of Regulation (EU) 561/2006 incur a fine of 4,400 euros and must be paid immediately upon detection of the violation.
  • Using a driver card that is not in the name of the driver of the vehicle is considered as a serious offence. Accordingly, the fine that will be imposed will be in the maximum amount of 4,400 euros. The inspection authorities have the possibility to detain the vehicle and to demand a complete inspection of the enterprise.
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