Posting of drivers to France

Posting of drivers to France

ATTENTION! The minimum hourly wage in France (SMIC) increased to 11.07 euros, as of 1 August2022.

National minimum wage applies to the transport sector also if it exceeds the rates set up by the Transport of goods Collective agreement.

In France, the purchasing power of workers is protected by an automatic revaluation mechanism enshrined in the law, which ensures that the minimum wage grows at least as fast as inflation.

Below, you will find an updated table with an impact of the 2,01% increase in the minimum wage on 1st of August 2022 per conventional wage scales in the transport sector.


To ensure the correct organization of the posted drivers’ work and remuneration in France, the transport company must be aware about the general rules and basic hourly rates applicable in France.

First, the working time should be organized by respecting the working time and rest period rules mentioned below:

Working time and rest time rules

Goods transport undertakings

Passenger transport undertakings

Max. working hours per day

12 hours

10 hours*

Max. working hours per day for night work

10 hours**

10 hours**

Max. number of hours per week over 3 months

48 hours

46 hours

Max. number of hours per single week

56 hours for long-distance workers,
52 hours for other workers


Daily rest period subject to European regulations governing rest time:

11 hours, with the option for 3 reduced rest periods of 9 hours per week

Daily rest period for other drivers

10 consecutive hours in any 24-hour period

Weekly rest period subject to European regulations governing rest time

45 hours – option for a reduces weekly rest period of 24 hours in 2 consecutive weeks if this is compensated before the end of the third week.

Weekly rest period for other drivers

48 hours***



30 min. for working between 6 and 9 hours per day
45 min. for working more than 9 hours per day
option to divide the breaks into smaller periods of at least 15
minutes each

* Possibility of 12 hours once or twice a week, up to a maximum of 6 times over a 12-week period. 

** For a night worker or an employee performing part of his/her work between the hours of midnight and 5 am in a 24-hour period. 

*** In successive rest periods of equal or unequal length, subject to a minimum of 35 hours at home and 24 hours away from home. 

Secondly, the posted driver to France should be paid according to the remuneration rules applicable in France based on the time spent in France.

In France, the remuneration rules for posted drivers are described by the universally binding National Collective Bargaining Agreement for Road Transport and Auxiliary Transport activities. Recently, the last 2 increases of the French Minimum wage (SMIC) exceeded some of the groups hourly rates agreed on the Collective Agreement 2020 October 23 so for these groups the French Minimum Wage of 10.85 € / gross / hour is used as a basis for the moment.

Please find below a table describing the basic hourly rates in Euros applicable for freight transport workers and passenger transport workers:

Driver payment
 GroupDefinition of driver’s coefficientCoefficientHourly  rate       Bank holiday or SundayExtra hours paid*
Up to 3 hours  More than 3 hours  36h to 43h per week, 152h to 186h per month  More than 43h per week, more than 186h  
Freight transport3 bisDriver of a vehicle weighing up to 3,5 T GVW118M11.07 €22.21 €36.98 €+25%+50%
4Driver of a heavy goods vehicle weighing more than 3,5 T and up to and including 11 T GVW120M11.07 €22.21 €36.98 €
5Driver of a heavy goods vehicle weighing more than 11 T and up to and including 19 T GVW128M11.07 €22.21 €36.98 €
6Driver of a heavy goods vehicle weighing more than 19 T GVW138M11.07 €22.21 €36.98 €
7Highly qualified driver of a heavy goods vehicle150M11.12 €22.26 €37.03 €
Passengers transport8Coach driver – Worker in charge of driving a coach; assists the conductor, including handling
transported parcels and postal consignments
138V11.07 €51.07 €51.07 €
9Coach driver/conductor – Worker in charge of driving a coach and collecting courier, luggage, and passenger receipts140V11.07 €51.07 €51.07 €
9bTourist vehicle driver – Worker who has been driving a coach for at least two years and fulfils all of the conditions laid out in job descriptions 8 or 9145V11.07 €51.07 €51.0 €
10Grand tourer driver – Worker who is normally responsible for driving a luxury coach with at least 32 seats; drives along tourist routes, i.e. for a duration of at least 5 days150V11.31 €51.31 €51.31 €

* Extra hours increase when working hours exceed the statutory maximum number of working hours per week (35h for long distance drivers; 39h for short distance drivers).

Under the French collective agreement, drivers of lorries and articulated vehicles with a total mass exceeding 3,5 t, engaged in international transport are considered equivalent to group 7 with a coefficient of 150M. The minimum wage for these drivers should be 11,12 € / gross / hour.

The hourly pay for workers in the road transport sector and auxiliary transport activities must be increased according to the years spent in the company: +2%, +4%, +6% and +8% after respectively 2, 5, 10 and 15 years of service in the company.

Follow us for getting more information on other EU countries later.

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