15-09-2022 I Attention truck drivers in Sweden! There are many controls related to the ban of the weekly rest time in the cabin with fines of more than 5600 EUR!


02-09-2022 I Attention truck drivers ! We would like to remind you that as of today, Friday, September 2, the ban on loading and unloading activities in SPAIN begins!

21-07-2022 I Attention truckers! You can ONLY be fined for non-compliance with the prohibition of taking the regular weekly rest in the cabin when drivers are caught on the spot! Fines in France extend to 750 euros!

12-07-2022 I Keep attention in Belgium! There are many controls regarding a regular return of a driver at home. Declaration of a driver renouncing in advance the right of a return at home is not a guarantee to be not penalized.

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