Belgium tested first remote controls of the tachographs

The SMART TACHOGRAPH ERA is rapidly advancing, not only in terms of the functionalities of the tachographs themselves but also in the control side of things.

Recently, the Federal Highway Police in Belgium conducted a successful test of an antenna called DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications), which allows for remote control of the tachographs in international transport trucks. Belgium joins the ranks of five other countries, including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland, to equip itself with DSRC communication.

According to Kristiaan Popelier, divisional commissioner of the East Flanders traffic police, “The antenna can read a tachograph when there is one passing nearby. We then get advice to check the truck when something is wrong.” This technology enables authorities to remotely monitor the tachograph, thereby reducing the need for physical checks.

As a result, it is crucial for trainers and teachers to update their knowledge and training materials for the control services of DSRC and ERRU registers. With this new technology, control services will be better equipped to monitor and regulate the transport industry, ultimately improving safety and efficiency on the roads.

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