France to intensify truck overweight checks

An official French decree, released on July 7th, amplifies the responsibility of employers and order issuers in cases where the permissible weight limit of a commercial road transport vehicle is surpassed. Furthermore, the decree introduces a provision for remote weight checks on vehicles, which will make it much easier to identify trucks with an overweight on the road.

Enshrined in the Official Journal on July 7th, 2023, this decree introduces a range of measures explicitly designed to enhance road safety and streamline traffic, as articulated by governmental authorities.

Non-intercept vehicle checks.

Initially, the decree expands the range of violations that can be identified without the need for vehicle interception or immobilization, utilizing automated control mechanisms.

This suggests the potential introduction of radar systems for monitoring vehicle weight and for observing vehicles following standard operation on the left side of two-way roads.

Control police involvement.

The decree also allows for the identification of violations without vehicle interception by municipal police officers. This pertains to breaches of circulation restrictions on a lane designated for specific vehicle categories, occurring on a highway.

Expanded Shipper Responsibility.

As per the French decree, the responsibility of the consignor, freight forwarder, charterer, agent, recipient, or any other party issuing directives regarding a goods road haulier is widened.

They will be subject to a fifth-class fine in the event of false declarations resulting in a violation of all weight regulations, including axle load limits.

The holder of the vehicle registration certificate also has their liability extended:

  • To weight limits of vehicles and trailers for the transport of goods, including by axle.
  • To the operation of a vehicle in normal motion on the left side of a two-way road.

Expanded Employer Liability.

According to Article R. 121-3 of the Road Code, a fifth-class offense, fixed as 1.500 euro is established for employers who provide instructions to an employee that are inconsistent with complying with certain provisions related to weight limits of road transport vehicles.

If you need more, please find the source here : Décret n° 2023-563 du 5 juillet 2023 portant diverses mesures en matière de sécurité et de circulation routières – Légifrance (

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