New campaign organized by ELA

New campaign organized by ELA: Leaflets on “Driving and Resting Times” and “Posting of drivers”

The last week, ELA coordinated several joint inspections in road transport with participation of authorities from EU Member States. More than half of the EU Member States, 18 EU Member States participated in the joint inspections.

As European Labour Authority states on their website, in line with ELA framework for action this year, ELA announced a number of activities planned for 2022, namely, including the set-up of coordinated information and awareness raising campaign on road transport.

One of the main goals of this campaign, in addition to organized joint inspections which will take place later this year, will be to address information gaps for drivers and operators.

In order to provide valuable information on the EU social legislation and the rights and obligations to hauliers and drivers in the road transport, ELA has just published on 21 of June, its first two information leaflets for drivers and operators in the road transport sector. One leaflet provides information on the new posting rules, the other leaflet covers driving and resting time rules. Both leaflets are published as part of ELA’s Framework for Action on Road Transport of March 2022.

Due to this, during inspections the foreign authorities verify the application of the Mobility Package and the lex-specialis concerning posting of drivers as well as the compliance with the general rules on driving times and resting periods, the use of the tachograph, violations against rules on wages and working time.  The new fact leaflets prepared by ELA are very welcome and easy explaining for example  in which situation a driver is considered as  posted, clearly illustrating the different types of transport operations and also the mandatory documents needed to be kept inside vehicle, in the event of a roadside check. 

Regarding the second Leaflets on “Driving and Resting Times rules”, it reminds basic informations necessaries for each driver working in the international road transport sector i.e., regular daily rest period or daily rest in the case of dual crew, weekly rest or also the new obligations introduced by the Mobility Package as a ban of taking a regular weekly rest time inside vehicle or return of driver each 3 or 4 consecutive weeks at home.

The new Leaflets:

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