First online inspections via IMI

First online inspections via the IMI system

Attention! The first online inspections of European transport companies are performed via the new EU common system (IMI) by the National Authorities of EU Member States.

Typically, the online request requires to provide several types of documents that can refer to transport operations that took place for the longest period of 12 months before the request was submitted!   

Most frequent types of documents that could be requested:   

  • consignment notes;
  • tachograph records;
  • pay slips, proof of payment;
  • work contracts;
  • working time sheets.

The online inspection of compliance with the Mobility Package and other transport rules might be performed for one or several drivers at the same period.  

Important! It is crucial to follow the deadlines of the request to answer on time, read messages sent by Authorities and carefully review requested documents before submitting them (as soon as they are transferred to the Authorities there is no possibility to delete from the system).

Tip! Professional legal assistance could ensure a better quality of response to the performed inspection, less mistakes or misinterpretations.

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